CCSG-15 Command Ombudsman

Navy Family Ombudsmen are a valuable asset in that they are a critical communication link between the Commanding Officer and family members. The Ombudsman represents and reports to the Commanding Officer who maintains ownership of the command Ombudsman program. Ombudsmen are primarily Information and Referral Specialists who help command family members gain the assistance they need to succeed as part of the extended Navy family. The most significant value to the Ombudsman is the satisfaction of helping other command family members. 

How can I get in contact with the Command Ombudsman?

Contact Emily Delgado at (619) 805-6785, or via email

What is the Ombudsman required to report?

While it is part of the Ombudsman Code of Ethics to maintain confidentiality, the instances listed below are exceptions to that confidentiality and require immediate action and must be reported to the Commanding Officer:

★ All suspected or known child abuse/neglect.
★ Alleged domestic abuse.
★ Suspected or potential homicides, violence or life-endangering situations.
★ All suspected or potential suicidal risks.
★ All alleged sexual assaults Ombudsmen are required to report any form of contact that involves any of the above listed.